Programme Overview

Over eight masterclass style episodes, you will learn about yourself - how you are changing, and what you need to create the work-lifestyle that's right for you. Click on the links to learn more!

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    • Setting your VISION

    • Unpacking your EXPERIENCES

    • Clarifying your PURPOSE

    • Determining your PERSONALITY & VALUES

    • Ranking your NEEDS

    • Choosing your CAUSES

    • Unpacking your SKILLS & CAPABILITIES

    • Developing your CAREER CANVAS

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    • Congrats! You're done (for now) ...

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Invest in You

If you're ready to start learning about yourself and what career is best, this is the place to start.

Introducing your Career Strategist

Director & Founder

Melissa Jenner

Melissa is regarded as an expert in Career & Business Change, having worked in senior leadership positions across 5 different industries in England, USA & New Zealand. Through her own experience she has gained great wisdom in how to pivot, adapt and re-invent both companies, and individuals. Trained in Human Centred Design at Stanford's prestigious D-School, she established START Now in 2014 to make it easier for more people to find work to love. Now living in New Zealand she runs her business globally.

What past customers have gained

Being challenged creates courage

Claire Woolley

"Melissa has the kind of deep experience and approach to make working with her a simply awesome experience. She challenged me to think broadly, creatively and also courageously and in so doing, I got much needed clarity on my professional value and possible future paths. Highly recommended!"

From insights comes clarity

Stephen Webb

"Melissa has an amazing ability to help you very quickly understand your core drivers. She is very insightful, and her methods were easy to follow. I’d recommend Melissa and this programme to anyone who is looking for a change of direction and renewed purpose in their career."

Get going faster with a confident plan

Heidi Seal

"This programme has proven to be incredibly insightful, encouraging and worthwhile. I'm excited to embark on my new career path, with an activation plan laid out. I am raving about this service to all who will listen. Would 100% recommend, well worth the investment!

Getting the job I truly wanted but couldn't see it

Ngaire Woodhams

"Melissa’s ability to help you to truly get to the heart of what "you are about and what drives you" is amazing. As a result of this process I was able to look for - and get - the job I truly wanted. I’m still in that job and deeply passionate about it!

Reducing the risk of leaving a safe job

Paul Siratovich

“Making the decision to leave a safe corporate job is never easy. For me there was a lot of risk involved, but this process helped me to minimise those risks by identifying the right options for my skills and values. I have now forged a new and profitable business as a result. Without the kick-start this process gave me, I would be a lot more lost and not certain it would have even happened!"

Self-discovery, awareness & growth for Founders

Jinene Clark

"Melissa's energy, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm delivers self discovery, awareness and growth to both professionals and Startup's. I can honestly say that every founder that has had time with Melissa, comes away with positivity and forward-drive."

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